Timber Pest Inspection Noosa

Using the latest in detection technology, Building and Pest Inspections Sunshine Coast North is your best choice for a timber pest inspection Noosa. 

We use thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters to help us locate any possible issues during our pest and building inspections. 

You’ll also receive a report within 24 hours of your inspection detailing the condition of the property and identifying any potential problems. 

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Client Case Study Timber Pest Inspection North Arm 

Termites are everywhere in Queensland and no one wants them in their home. They can cause serious damage resulting in repairs and loss of resale value.  

Here are some report findings from a recent pest inspection. 

Suburb: North Arm  

Property details: Single storey highset freestanding dwelling with a garage built into the underfloor area. Also includes a granny flat. 

Inspection findings:  

  • Repairs and rectification required to various areas. 
  • Pest damage to some areas. 
  • Cracking/sagging/defective lining: slight undulations to some ceiling sheet joins throughout the house. 
  • Cracked wall tiles in bathroom. 
  • Woodrot to flooring beneath bathroom, fridge cubicle door frame – requires repair. 
  • Extensive woodrot to rainwater tank stand – requires replacement. 
  • Damage caused by termites -?moderate?to?extensive. 
  • Pest damage to outer wall plate under bedroom 1 – requires invasive inspection. 
  • Rust located to some roof sheeting – requires repair/replacement. 
  • Some weather damage to retaining walls. 
  • Moderate to extensive woodrot also found on the external power pole. 

When Should you get a Timber Pest Inspection? 

It’s not always easy to determine if a property has been treated for subterranean termites, especially if a treatment was carried out during construction or if evidence of a treatment has been concealed. 

Yearly timber pest inspections should be carried out, however more frequent inspections are strongly?recommended if possible. 
Locating termite damage in and around a property is best left up to the experts. When you’re looking to undergo your termite inspection Sunshine Coast, call in the team from Building and Pest Inspections Sunshine Coast North. 

Why Choose BPI Sunshine Coast North? 

  1. A BPI will determine the presence of any wood destroying insects such as termites, borers, and wood decaying fungi. 
  2. Our thorough inspections, combining pest and building, cover all aspects of the property, inside and out. 
  3. Offering a personal service to all clients, Trevor welcomes you to attend inspections, where practical, and will happily answer any questions. 

Timber Pest Inspection Noosa  

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