Termite Damage Found in Sunshine Coast Building and Pest Inspection

Although we may live in the most beautiful state of Australia, there’s one little critter that likes to ruin our image – termites. Building and Pest Inspections Sunshine Coast North recently came across termite damage found in  Sunshine Coast building and pest inspection..

While they are tiny little creatures, they can cause significant damage to your home costing thousands to repair. If you’re purchasing a home, always make sure you undertake an inspection to check for these little invaders!.

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Damage Found in Skirting and Windows

During a routine building and pest inspection at a Sunshine Coast property, we managed to uncover an unfortunate pesky surprise:

  • This house looked pristine inside but just below the surface was an army of termites eating away at the owners biggest asset – their home.
  • This damage was only discovered during a building and pest inspection and may have continued to go undetected for some time.
  • This example highlights the importance of undergoing a regular termite check on your home.
  • A BPI inspection using thermal camera technology will determine the presence of wood destroying insects such as termites, borers and wood decaying fungi.

How You Can Prevent Damage in Your Home

  • This recent finding shows how important it is to keep vegetation away from your wall cladding and keep the soil levels low. Termites can bridge across the top of a termite barrier using the vegetation or soil to gain access.
  • Having a 75mm clear zone between the ground level and the cladding or weepholes is vital to keeping creatures out
  • Regular termite checks are also important.

Why Choose BPI Sunshine Coast North?

  • We use the latest technology for our inspections including thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters.
  • We bring a wealth of knowledge and over 40 years’ experience to each job. We’ve seen it all!
  • We inspect all internal and external accessible areas of the property.
  • You are more than welcome to attend the inspection with us and we will answer any questions you may have along the way.
  • We offer a personal, prompt and professional service with a fair and honest evaluation of your inspection.

Following our inspection we will provide you with a computer generated report detailing the condition of the property and identifying any issues. If you have further questions following the inspection, we will happily answer them and offer any advice.

Termite Damage Found in Sunshine Coast Building and Pest Inspection

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