Real Estate Property Market Trends in Australia

While the Real Estate market tends to see a wide variety of highs and lows over the years, overall real estate is a worthwhile investment and a lovely place for people to enjoy quite a bit of quiet enjoyment for themselves and their families. No matter what the reason for the purchase of real estate

Recently, a national property professional Tim Lawless, who specializes in market research stated that consumer confidence is on the rise. This is good news for people in Queensland who have struggled for the last seven years since there was a global financial recession.

In the area, the Sunshine Coast has become widely known as the state’s fastest growing housing market. In the region, the house values have risen by about 6.7 percent last year, which is a fair jump in value and noteworthy indeed. Compared to how things in the market were a few short years ago, this is a remarkable comeback for values This increase was closely followed by both by Cairns and the regions of the Gold Coast.

Mr. Lawless works for the RP Data Research Company as a Research Director. He states there has been an important shift in the marketplace. Part of this is because there has been a noticeable shift in the resource driven property markets. This includes areas like Bowen Basin, Gladstone, and in Mackay. Here there has been a significant rise in the market values of homes.

Part of this is because, like all real estate markets, the surrounding areas usually see a distinctive effect from neighboring markets this includes both positive and negative effects. According to Mr.Lawless, the region of Queensland while doing well, is still behind the housing market in the more southern states.

However, much of this is because there are certain regions in the south that have very strong and active markets. Places like Sydney, which is seeing a very strong real estate market makes it so that the positive real estate trends tend to ripple out to the regions nearby. Because of this, New South Wales is also experiencing quite a bit of a market upswing.

In addition Lawless notes, Melbourne is experiencing a very strong real estate market and home sales have gotten on quite a bit over the trends of just several years ago. Now Victoria is lagging behind just a bit of NSW, both regions are being strongly affected by Melbourne’s surge. The Brisbane region is currently performing on a lower level to the surge that has occurred in other areas.