Pool Inspections Noosa

Pools must have a current Pool safety certificate when a house is sold or leased.noosa pool inspections

If the home is sold without a Pool safety certificate the purchaser then has 90 days after settlement to obtain a Pool safety certificate

Our inspection will be carried out in accordance with the Pool Safety Standard which is the Queensland Development Code – part MP3.4, Australian Standards 1926 – 2007 parts 1 & 2 and all other standards prescribed under the Building Act 1975 for ensuring the safety of persons using a regulated pool.

Pool Safety Certificate

If the inspected pool is deemed to be Compliant you will be issued with a Pool Safety Certificate – Form 23 within 24 hours and your pool will be placed on the Pool Safety Register. Access to the register here.

If you would like further information or would like to book an inspection please phone the office on  07 5456 2210

Pool Safety Checklist

Pool Gates

Ensure gates swing away from  the pool and the gate must self-close and latch  shut from any position. The latch must be more than 1.5 metres off the ground.

Pool Fences

The pool fence must be 1.2metres high with a non-climbable zone of  900mm within the fence. Gaps within the fence must not be greater than 100mm.

Dividing Fences

Boundary fences into pool areas must be 1.8m high and must not have  climbable rails or objects on the pool side of the fence. Alternatively the boundary fence  can be 1.2m high with a non-climbable zone of 1.2 m on the neighbour’s side.

Resuscitation Sign

There must be a  Resuscitation sign visible in the pool area.


Trim back any branches or vegetation that a child could use to climb  over the pool fence

Climbable Objects

Remove climbable objects (any object, toehold or ledge greater than 10mm) from the pool fence and surrounding areas and shield or remove climbable objects within 900mm of the pool fence. Climbable objects within 300mm of the inside of the pool fence must also be removed or shielded.


No door from the house can open into the pool area. There must be a separate fence between the house and the pool.


Install permanently fixed security screens on windows that open into the pool  enclosure or ensure window openings into the pool area can only open with no more than a 100mm gap.