Noosa Council Refuses Lap Pool in Peregian Beach

NOOSA Council is headed for the planning court to defend its refusal of a lap pool and paved area in a Peregian Beach coastal protection area.

In July councillors voted against the Lorikeet Dr application at a beachside home because it conflicted with the Noosa Plan and failed to provide “revegetation within a 5m setback from the seaward boundary to assist in maintaining natural coastal processes, including the natural cycles of erosion”.

“The works would not advance the Noosa Plan’s precautionary approach, which seeks to improve coastal resilience,” a council planning report said.

The report said this area was designated erosion-prone under the state planning policy and the council’s requirement of the maintenance of a 6m setback is “consistent with the policy provisions to address the potential risks associated with coastal erosion and the projected impacts of a variable climate”.

An appeal was lodged with the applicant previously asking for 1.5m relaxation on the 6m setback.

“I believe that this is very reasonable. I have altered my plans on three occasions, each time reducing the width of the pool and path area,” the applicant said.

“Given that our boundary is approximately 100m from the high tide datum, I struggle to see what difference 1.5m would make.

“I was told by the council representative that a 1.5m relaxation was being granted to a property that is four houses from us.”

The applicant said there are “many properties within the eastern beaches that have new construction undertaken within the setback area”.

“I am not in a position to know if these have gained approval from council.

“What I do know is that in speaking to two builders, two certifiers, two pool builders, one building designer and six property owners, that also front the eastern beaches, not one individual was aware of the existence of this setback,” the applicant said.


Credit: Challenge to pool erosion zone ban