Independent Building and Pest Inspections in Noosa

As with any area, purchasing a home in Noosa is a decision that should be made with your unique needs in mind. An Independent building and pest inspection can help you decide if your new Noosa property is right for you.

noosa independent building inspections

Looking back from Noosa National Park towards Main Beach Noosa

Here is a quick look at the community’s median property prices, demographics and more.

Noosa’s Perfect Location

Situated in the Noosa Shire area of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Noosa is a bustling suburb of roughly 4,000 residents.

Located north of Brisbane, it is surrounded by the Noosa River and the Noosa National Park. Together with the suburbs of Noosa Junction and Tewantin, this community is part of a vast urban area at the northern part of the Sunshine Coast.

Property Prices in the Noosa Area

While many factors are involved in determining a property’s list price, the median price of a community is often used to estimate a home’s price tag.

Such a price can tell you if Noosa is a cost-effective choice for your family. Based on almost 90 house sales from the past year, Noosa’s median property price is $763,500 with most of those homes consisting of three or four bedrooms.

Compared to Queensland as a whole, Noosa’s median house price is over $300,000 more than Queensland’s median cost. On the other hand, the median purchase price of multi-unit properties is $522,000 with 33 sales being one-bedroom floor plans and 73 sales being two-bedroom layouts.

Competition For Real Estate In Noosa

The supply-and-demand analysis of a real estate market is always changing but currently Noosa is experiencing a high-demand market.

This is important because a community’s competition level plays a key role in a home’s price and availability. At the moment, Noosa properties see an average of 172 visits online.

Compare that to the 207 visits per home in Queensland, and you’ll see that Noosa is right on track with Queensland’s average supply and demand.

Noosa Population Demographics

Noosa is primarily a family community and elderly couples make up roughly 16 percent of the population. Over 14 percent of residents are older families, couples and empty nesters over the age of 65, and 13 percent are retired singles.

While the job market is diverse, most residents report being managers, professionals and technicians or trade workers. Financially speaking, the average weekly income is $809.

Live The Noosa Lifestyle

A tourist town at heart, Noosa is home to many restaurants, shopping venues and beaches. Lakes and bays are scattered throughout the area, and being near the coast, Noosa provides ample opportunities for water sports and fishing.

Within 5 kilometres of Noosa’s core, there are several healthcare facilities, chiropractic offices and fitness centres as well as a 24-hour pharmacy.

For entertainment, this suburb is home to the Noosa Fair Shopping Centre and a large park as well as a variety of specialty shops and swimming pools.

If you have children, there are several school options available like Sunshine Beach State School and Noosa Flexible Learning Centre. As for transportation, many residents choose to travel via motor scooters and bikes, but bus routes and taxis are also available.