Building Inspections in Yandina

When you purchase property in Yandina, you’re buying more than just a building and land.

You’re also potentially buying a problem in terms of structural defects and pests.

While some deficiencies and critters are easily noticed before you purchase, you might not find out about others until long after you’ve already forked out your hard earned cash.

Unfortunately, your lender or bank isn’t going to cut you a break simply because you were unaware of defects prior to signing the contract; you’ll still have to foot the bill for repairs and pay your loans.

Here are some of our best tips that might help you avoid becoming an owner to a population of termites or a structural nightmare.

Learn More About Your Potential New Property

Building and pest inspections are critical first steps for any prospective home owner. In addition to confirming the presence of hidden termite infestations or degraded building materials, they help you pinpoint and explore problems so that you can determine how much repairs might cost.

If you’re planning on buying a home with the intent to renovate, inspections are essential in devising an accurate budget.

Make Sure Your Inspection Is Thorough

Building inspections incorporate numerous steps that help the inspector get to know a given property.

In addition to performing visual checks of exterior surfaces, such as roofing, siding and pavement, at BPI Noosa we follow the guidelines in Australian Standards 4349.1–1995, 4349.3-1998 and 3660, which dictate the best ways to check for specific problems such as the presence of insects that destroy wood.

Our inspections address problems in all areas of a property that are accessible, including trouble areas like doors and windows, drainage sections and subfloors. By ensuring we don’t miss a single spot, we help you gain the confidence you need to make a smarter purchase.

Going Beyond Human Perception

Visual checks are great but even the most diligent humans are limited by what they can observe. That’s why we employ thermal camera technology that let us see inside structural components without actually dismantling them.

By viewing heat radiation patterns, we can detect issues such as leaks, poor insulation and even existing termite damage. Best of all, the process is completely non-invasive.

Include a Pool Inspection for Your Yandina Property

Never be so wowed by the fact a property comes with cool perks that you forget to inspect them along with everything else. Our pool safety checks ensure that gates, fences, branches and signs all comply with local laws and standards.

As you’re legally obligated to obtain a pool safety certificate, our inspection is a great way to check another item off your long list of responsibilities.

Becoming a Yandina Property Owner

Yandina is known for its historical ginger factory and rich culture as one of the first European-settled towns in the Maroochy region.

The district’s historically humid climate makes the area very fertile and the modern suburban development displays a healthy respect for the surrounding nature in the form of eco-friendly family homes and landscape designs that leave ample room for foliage.