Building and Pest Inspection Pomona

Before you sign the dotted line and start moving into your dream home, it pays to organise a building and pest inspection Pomona. 

Building and Pest Inspections Sunshine Coast North have the expertise and professionalism to offer you nothing but a fair and honest evaluation of your inspection. 

Using the latest technology, we conduct a thorough inspection of all accessible areas of the property and provide you with a detailed report of what we find. 

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Client Case Study House Inspection Sunshine Coast  

Before you purchase a property, the best thing you can do is undergo a building and pest inspection for your own peace of mind. Here is a good example of what can be found in our reports. 

Suburb: Pomona 

Property details: Single storey free standing dwelling on a concrete slab with brick veneer. Also has a studio/shed. 

Inspection findings:  


  • Crack to dining room ceiling which requires repair. 
  • Hole in a bedroom ceiling requiring repair. 
  • Some moderate wall damage to various areas requiring repair work. 
  • Cracked, loose and missing tiles in various areas of the home. 


  • Some external cladding requires paining/re-painting. 
  • Some weatherboards show signs of weather damage and require repair. 
  • Rust to hot water system. 
  • Studio building: extensive pest damage to wall framing, roof framing, doors, wall trim, cornice and skirting to all areas. Highly recommend a more invasive inspection as major repairs required. Pest damage to external cladding. Exposed slab edge is compromised by high soil. 
  • Extensive pest damage found on small retaining walls. 
  • Garden steps have weather damage. 
  • Fences have damage from weather and pests. 

Due to the extensive termite damage found in the studio and other outside areas of this property, we highly recommended further investigation and treatment. 

Booking a Building and Pest Inspection  

At BPI Sunshine Coast North, our building and pest inspections are ideal for pre-purchase or pre-sale of your home. Not only will they help reveal if you have any damage relating to termites or other pests, but we will also do a complete assessment of the property for any other major and minor defects.? 

You can make a booking by calling us on 07 5456 2210. You can also fill out your details for us to send you a quote here.  

Building and Pest Inspection Pomona 

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